March 2016, The Osaka High Court ruled to reverse and remand the decision that dismissed the application for reopening the proceedings for the case concerning the false charge of committing a robbery at a post office in Himeji. For pursuing the immediate commencement of the reopening proceedings, Attorney Ikeda filed the special appeal to the Supreme Court of Japan. The Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA) is supporting the above reopening of the case.
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Warning (as of Dec 5, 2016) : Recently, some malicious documents have been spread with falsely using the name of gAttorney Ikedah as the representative of transactions of famous paintings or the real estates. Please be careful of these false documents.? Mr. Ikeda NEVER sends such documents to anyone without any notice/consent from them.? We will strictly deal with this issue, including filing criminal complaints against the persons who have been causing this issue.? It would be very helpful if anyone who knows about or receives such documents gives us any information on this matter by email at takashi@t-ikeda.com.
September 2016, Attorney Ikeda's investigation report (partial) on needs for legal assistance in Thailand was introduced on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

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